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If you are a manufacturing company and looking for new sales channels, e-commerce could reserve you incredible profits without increasing your staff.
We can fully manage online sales, providing:
- administrative professionals
- customer care
- seo specialits
- online marketing managers
- ecommerce design and startup
- graphic designers

You have to do only what you do best: produce and ship products to customers.


  • Administrative

    We provide the service of invoicing, management of the payment platform and analysis of the results and and statistics.

  • Marketing

    We provide Adwords campaigns, socials management, SEO (search engeine optimization) and direct email marketing.

  • Customer Care

    We may be the first contact with the customer for information, complaints, problems with payments and shipping information.

Case History: webPRINT.it

A website and an App for selling personalized photo products, destined for the Italian market.

  • 8.000 Clients
  • 13.500 Orders
  • +100% Revenue last 3y
  • 1,90€ Minimum order
  • 250k Revenue

This site is aimed at retail of photographic prints and customizable products with their photos. Everything happens through website or through Apple and Android App. In an age where the photos are stored in computer and smartphone is not easy to convince people to print their photos. That is why we must offer a wide range of quality products and to stimulate potential customers with examples of products for different times of their lives. We started when the Italian market was not very active in online shopping. After the first two years of slow growth, the electronic payment has become commonplace, and sales increased in a big way. Over the last 3 years the revenue has doubled. It increased the value of each order and the amount of orders daily. During this experience we have given a lot of attention to customer care as well as implement adwords campaigns and manage social profiles supported with direct email marketing.

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